Welcome to 'Hertz Technologies'

We are a technology company based in Wollongong, about 80 km South of Sydney, Australia. We provide solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology for data harvesting and information management system. In our system, a single database collects data from various sources and present in a single dashboard which reduces the time and effort for the users for storage and retrieval. Thus, our clients can focus on using the data rather than managing it.

In Hertz Technologies we provide engineered and customized solutions to our client’s business structure, requirements and need. This include analyzing current and future requirements of the organization, design and manufacture appropriate IoT sensor/devices, selection of appropriate technology (LoraWAN/3G/4G/5G/Satellite), installation, commissioning and maintenance. We manufacture our IoT devices locally in NSW.



Dr Sohel is the founder and CEO of Hertz Technologies Pty Ltd. Previously he has co-founded successful start-up in renewable energy space and served as a director. Prior to this he has worked as an academic at the University of Wollongong, Australia and New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion), New Zealand. He holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, an MSc from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.

LoRa Wide Area Network

LoRa is a wireless technology that offers long range, low power and secure data transmission for M2M and IoT applications. LoRa is based on chirp spread spectrum modulation.

Wi-Fi Widely used, Low Range

Home or office based IoT devices can easily use Wi-Fi as its data communication technology.

LTE Cat 0/1 Low or Medium speed

LTE Cat 1 is a medium speed LTE standard designed for more feature-rich IoT applications that require higher data speeds